Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All Growed Up :)

So its been a while, yeah? We have been a little on the busy side and while things haven't necessarily slowed down they're taking a different direction, hence a few minutes to update our many followers :)

The last time we talked I do believe we had just been robbed. That was fun. And no, they didn't catch the perps, not that we were holding our breath. We have since moved to a new home, smartly enough just down the road! We figured 'why give up on the neighborhood now?' Our allegiance to the city and the neighborhood of Tower Grove won out. BUT that being said, we LOVE our new home. We're going on 3 weeks in it and have found it to be everything we hoped for and could possibly want. I think a lot of that has to do with all the love goin' around these walls, that and our house could be featured on 'Cribs' its that cool  :) (kidding, sort of ;)). So about 3 weeks now, which means we're all unpacked except for a few minor details. That was an experience! I thought it was never going to end, though in the end it went a lot faster than it felt like at the time. Within the next week the baby's room should be just about ready. Which is a good thing because....


I may seem a little excited, but its beyond words spelled out in caps lock, I assure you. Scary and exciting and sudden. Sudden? Did I say sudden? I did, because feeling like i've been pregnant forever  provides the pretense that I'd go on being pregnant forever and now that she's big, never stops moving, contractions have happened and my body is threatening to just quit altogether when I want to do the simplest of things such as turn over in the middle of the night, I know that this is coming to an end. Well, an end and also a beginning.
So, we are beyond excited to meet our little one whom we still call Bean but will be legally known as Emerson Zo Sehy when she makes her grand entrance :) Not only are we excited to meet her but me personally, I am excited for a few things that will come with her arrival. Or within a few weeks/months of it. Allow me to share my list of selfish things I am looking forward to:
1) Getting my boobs back. Thats right, I said it. Where most of the feedback I've received about that growth experience has been positive, I for one am not a fan. I was very happy with what I was sporting before not to mention i was soooo much more comfortable! So when those bad boys shrink back down to size, I won't be crying, I'll be celebrating :)
2) Being able to bend over. Granted this might take a minute, but barely being able to put my socks on, or any clothing for that matter is starting to make me feel like an invalid. Starting to have a hard time reaching the sink when brushing my teeth or washing my face. Bean has taken over these quarters. I'm happy to share the space and all but the patience for that is beginning to run out. Did I mention pregnancy is 40 WEEKS LONG!
3) Feeling sexy again. Luke does everything he can to assure me that he still finds me attractive and to him, I know that I am. But I don't feel attractive. I can't even put my own shoes on and can barely shave my legs. How would you feel? Enough said.
4) Wearing normal clothes again. I'm not a big shopper by any means but once in a while I like to pick up something cute when I see it. This has been an option taken forgranted for the last 28 years. When shopping for an event (such as holiday parties) I was beside myself. I tried my best to be a good sport and also come up with alternative solutions but its enough to demand a pity party when you find yourself eyeballing a cute top, and then you remember you're carrying around Mount Everest in your stomach and your maternity clothes will barely even fit, much less the extra small tank top you absentmindedly stuck in the cart.
5) Ordering a coffee without Evil looks. Pregnant people aren't suppose to drink caffein right? Wrong, pregnant people are only suppose to limit their intake, not eliminate it. And that goes with so many other "pregnant policies" its ridiculous. Unless you see me chugging a beer or taking long drags off of a cigarette keep your judgement to yourself or I'll tell you where to stick it. This has been my motto for the last 35 weeks. Rest assured I am doing everything to make sure we have a healthy baby but I will NOT lay comatose in a bed while the world tauntingly circles around me. Which is what it amounts to if you follow every 'no, no' uttered by anyone. Besides, do you have any idea what your parents where up to while you were chillin' in your snug, compfy little quarters? I think its the stress and fret over what NOT to do when your pregnant that causes more problems than what you're actually doing while housing the little one. Chill out and be healthy, thats what I'm diggin' on :)

Well, we'll start with 5. I'm sure the list is about 5 pages longer but I don't want to exhaust our readers:)

I want to wrap up this short update with a HUGE thanks the lovely group of ladies who threw Luke and I a baby shower suited for the books: Mimi Newman, Janet Pope, Sue Helfrich, Sue Marshall, Katie Good, Teresa Dorsey and Jani Piercy... you ladies rock! :)  The turn out was amazing and the support overwhelming (that being said, everyone that braved the weather and made it... seriously, thank you thank you thank you). It meant so much to us!!  And as always a big thank you to Luke, who is more amazing than I could possibly vocalize. I am by far the luckiest lady I've ever known :) I'll get pictures of the babies room up as soon as I can and some updated photos of the house (the one we live in and the one that used to be my stomach:))