Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Coffee Shop is Merely an Extension of Our Home

hello world!! It seems my posts are getting further and further apart. Hopefully this is not always the case. I have two children so you understand I'm sure. One is 34 (very attractive, mostly self sufficient;)) and the other, ohhhhh the other... She's a beautiful 18 month old (almost anyway, I'm not trying to rush things) and a handful bigger than one hand:). I feel like I have to reintroduce ourselves after such a long absence but I'm sure that's a slight overreaction. Though to be fair we are slightly different people than we were 6, 7 or 8 months ago... However long ago that was. Mostly the difference is that we're married!! Really he's not my child but rather my husband. Some may say its one and the same but I only tease. He's an amazing husband who pitches in and equally participates in our lives and the raising of our handful of beauty:) and I also tease about her being suuuuuch a handful... She can be but it's mostly fun:) with a smidge of anxiety but a large dash of ambition we take on the world with gusto on a daily basis. Minor set backs include mishaps such as hand, foot and mouth disease (yes, that's a real thing and no, that doesn't mean she belongs at the zoo) that put us out of the public eye for about a week. Apparently she was a textbook case. Of course. Annnnnd a stubbed toe, which happened yesterday. After the delayed reaction to SUCH a traumatic event Emerson was off the list of functioning children who can walk and decided to make herself immobile. We brought her anything she wanted as she reigned supreme from the center of the family room. Have I failed to mention how smart she is? Never underestimate an 18month old (almost). Ice cream? Check. Books of all kinds? Check. Her favorite stuffed animals? Check. She built an empire without having to budge an inch. Tell me that isn't smart. She slept hard through the night and woke up with a fresh, outgoing, toddler-like perspective on the world. Yay! The reset button was pushed in the quiet hours of the night and together we were ready to conquer the playground. Until I mistakenly tried to put a band aid on the skinned tip of her toe so the wood chips on the playground wouldn't irritate it. Stupid mom, stupid. The light bulb went off and she climbed back onto her throne. Not even the playground would break her of the funk of an 'oh-ee' on her toe (really, the way she says itwill melt your heart). So alas an hour later, a quick trip to the craft store and a melt down or two along the way a wagon ride to the Hartford Coffee shop and the clouds have cleared, the storm has 
lifted and the 'oh-ee' may be close to only a dim memory yet again.

 It may be a good idea to break now for an explanation of the Gold this coffee shop has become to us. There is a play center in the rear of it that hardly ever is too crowded but almost always has another child or two playing and achildren's menu containing the dietary staples of toddler aged children. It is amazing just how much peanut butter and jelly a household can go through, or rather an 18 month old (almost) can consume! To the average coffee shop attendee the little gem at the back of the shop doesn't appear to be the magic that it is.  But a few minutes hanging out while waiting on a caffeinated beverage to be 
brewed, it changed our lives. The kids just LOVE it. There are no extraordinary toys, no flashing 
lights or singing nursery rhymes. There is simply a table with a train track and few donated toys in a 
toy box. Albeit there is also a shelf of books that i hardly ever see touched. But whatever unseen magic it contains I am so grateful for it. And as such it has become an extension of our home. Some parents use a television as a sort of break, I use the coffee shop. Here she gets to interact with other children and adults and we get to play in a comfortable setting outside of home. And sometimes I get to write a blog and have a coffee and just watch her as she goes about her business playing trains and baking cupcakes. If anything it's an opportunity to reflect on just how blessed and grateful we are to be loving and growing together. 

Oh, I regress... I can't leave the 'oh-ee' without resolve. Leaving where I left off, we were walking up the steps to the coffee shop and in her excitement a misstep caused a re-skin!! You can imagine my disbelief. The skies opened and the tears rained down. After a few moments we settled enough to enter the coffee shop, order food and have a seat. To wrap it up, she maintained seated through lunch (unheard of unless she's in a high chair) and finally the draw of other children's interactions pulled her through the funk of her 'oh-ee' :)

So, I am sure some of you may be waiting on the torrent of thought and events that occurred up to, on and around our wedding day. I've decided to save that for a part two or continuation of this blog. For 
now suffice to say it was beautiful, we said yes and I couldn't be a happier wife, mother and woman 
in general. This is our life and I'm in love with it all:)

Also I will post some updated pictures very soon!

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