Friday, September 24, 2010

Testing 1,2,3

Hello everyone! I was recently inspired by another baby specific blog to start my own blog about my own baby... and my own self... and my most amazing boyfriend, Luke. Simply put, my family :) I feel like its crazy to be saying that yet its so very true. If you are reading this then you probably already know the story but just in case you don't, I'll summarize for you. 

I met Luke a little over a year ago at a little neighborhood pub by the name of Riley's. Most stories that start this way typically have an ending, sometime abrupt, sometimes not but an ending never the less. However this one only has a beginning. I fell in love (to say the least) and he's convinced me that he has as well, which makes us two very lucky individuals. A chance meeting on a chance night in a chance neighborhood and here we are :) Well, not exactly here per say, but rather there we were. In love. So, as most of you are probably not as entertained by this story as I am, I'll try to pick it up a little.
There is a progression of events that typically occurs in a lasting relationship... fall in love, get married, have kids, etc. We decided to mix it up a bit and do the kid thing first (I never did like to follow the rules :)) . In June we found out that we are expecting a little one. Though it was a surprise, a BIG surprise, considering how we feel about each other we figured it would have only been a matter of time anyway and found ourselves to be very excited. 
Yup, all that just to tell you guys we're starting a family. We went in for our first ultrasound September 22nd to find out that we are having a girl!!! She is due Feb 9th and looks to be as healthy as she can be so far. 

I plan on writing, er... blogging pretty frequently about EVERYTHING... the aches and pains of pregnancy (oh, the joys too of course:)), the adventures of a young relationship, the happenins' in our lives in general. I might even get Luke to throw a few words out once in a while :) Once little bean decides to show herself there will be all those fun adventures as well :) We absolutely can not wait for her to get here!! Though we're also not trying to rush her... healthy.... key word. 

Looking forward to sharing our experiences with everyone! :) and if you have any parenting advice, we may or may not want it but feel free to share it with us regardless :)


  1. Your story sounds a lot like mine. :) I wish you all the luck and I am looking forward to reading your blog!

  2. travels... love.... cooking.... and little bean: st. louis is lucky to have you, all of you! xoxo from your chicago family!