Thursday, May 26, 2011

Look at me Mom and Dad, I'm SOOOOOO strong!!

And she most certainly is! Little Emerson is rocking our world on a daily basis (though this was always the case :)). Her growth and learning has become almost rapid-like, now being able to lift her head 90 degrees to her body and keep it that way for long periods of time, roll over as well as put most of her weight on her  legs. She is just so cute I wish there were words for it:) When we pull her into sitting position and she maintains a 'level' head, she looks around with wide eyes and a big smile. I have a feeling that its not only because we are SO proud of her but she seems pretty proud of herself too... It makes my heart *thump thump*. And she LOVES her bumbo! We're not able to use it for more than a couple minutes at a time quiet yet as her head seems to get a little heavy for her but its her big girl seat and its clear that she knows this... when she sits in it its like a whole new world for her. It is just so delightful to witness and be a part of her 'awareness', especially as it grows in leaps and bounds everyday... have I said just how cute she is? SO SO SO cute :) Now that she can roll over, which she had been doing by 2 months but very rarely, she does it all the time. She's realized her ability to do it and so its an automatic response when you lay her down. Her head hits the mattress, she curls her back, throws her head back and swings her left leg over her right and her body follows. And there she is, sleeping on her belly. It made me really nervous the first few times; I would check on her every five minutes. One of many moments she will turn me in to a nervous wreck.  But that being said, nothing beats the feeling I get when I walk into her room in the morning and she's on her belly, lifting her head  and curling her legs up (think seal-style) with an expression on her face and delight in her eyes that says "Look at me mom! I'm sooooooo strong!" :)

Yesterday was our first family swim outing. We took Emerson to the pool at the YMCA and she was the fish we knew she would be, already swimming on her own and everything! (kidding, kidding;)) But she did seem to really like the water. She loves her baths so that was to be expected a little and she seemed to be a bit on the tired side so her reaction wasn't as extreme as I expected but we could tell she was in awe. A bath that mom and dad fit in and we're all wearing clothes??!! WHOA! It was adorable (I say this a million times as if you'll only get how adorable she is if I put the phrase on repeat:))

So as the little lady works on turning 4 months old (and an adorable 4 month old at that ((notice i fit 'adorable' in there again)) Luke and I work on planning for our future, particularly the wedding with its pending arrival. It is alot more work than I could have begun to imagine but I feel like the stressful parts of it are melting away and the detailed part of the planning is kind of fun:) It helps that we have 11 months now to work on the little things which in the end will hopefully keep the stress levels to a minimum as we near the big day. I'd love to share some of those details that are taking shape but I don't want to give anything away sooo..... yeah :) April 14, 2012 is the special day if I haven't already mentioned that in the previous blog. We are so excited! I absolutely can't wait to marry someone that I fall more in love with everyday:)

We're looking forward to the family reunion at the end of June and can't wait for everyone to meet Emerson! Much love to everyone!

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