Thursday, October 6, 2011

Well hello Month 8, did you by chance bring me something to chew on? oh, and some coffee for my Mom and Dad? Or maybe a good nights sleep? They love those even more:)

Month 8!! Oh my goodness, its so hard to believe and then again not hard at all. Oh the growth that has occurred since the last blog! She keeps me so ridiculously busy that my oath to blog monthly was less of a realistic goal than I could have possibly imagined. I suppose I could abandon all other personal interests for the sake of the blog but call me selfish, sometimes my sewing machine or my paint brushes need a friend. That being said, I can't ignore the keyboard forever as it also is still my close friend AND I do love writing about our little one and our life :)

SO where are we now? I'll just jump right in...Contrary to popular belief, a little girls hair does not fall out and regrow before she turns 1yrs old. I don't know, I heard that somewhere :) Emerson's hair continues to grow and is almost shoulder length! (and by almost I mean it reaches her ears ;)) It is coming in thick though, yet another trait of her dads that she aquired. She smiles all the time which is such a beautiful thing! Her first two teeth are in, both came in within a couple weeks of each other and let me tell you, those were preeeeetty rough nights. For all of us I think, but of course mostly for her. A little Tylenol didn't seem to go very far and it was heart wrenching with each tooth :( But they're here now and it definitely enhances her cuteness!! Though just because the first two teeth are here doesn't mean the teething is over, oh no. The 'bad' nights come and go as she continues to work on what I can only assume are her top front teeth. We as a family will be more than happy when the little lady has all her pearly whites, my heart can't take her being in so much pain so often :(

Beyond that cute grin of hers, her sitting position has improved to the point that she can more or less sit and hang out without a supporting hand on her back. She is now able to even transition from sitting up to a laying position pretty smoothly.  I didn't realize how easy it was for an 8 month old to do the splits! Pretty incredible how limber the little one is. Once in a while she takes a head dive back but we surround her with blankets if its not a padded situation and that seems to do the trick. She has been working on the crawling for a couple months now but beyond getting herself into the hand and knee position and rocking back and forth she kind of just slides back to her belly and scoots around. So she's still a mover but just doesn't want to bruise up her knees, and who can blame her :)

Its been a few years since I've spent a whole lot of time around an infant and in the meantime I forgot how entertaining non 'toy' items are for them. For instance, cords. Electrical cords. If there's one in the room, she will find it. And get to it. By scooting of course. Its to the point that I have to make sure everything is unplugged lest I walk away for a second and she finds the cord thats hidden under the chair, has a blanket over it and is tucked into itself (??? i mean, a really well hidden cord:)), if its there she WILL find it. I don't know why we even bother with store bought stuff. Other than wires of the electrical kind her favorite toy is a toy made of all wood where there's 5 different stacks, each with a their respective amount of holes in them that fit over a matching number of pegs, all different colors of course. Its designed for 1 yr olds and above I believe and she definitely hasn't grasped the concept of fitting each circle over its matching number of pegs but she just loves playing with the pieces... picking them up and turning them over, chewing on them, rolling them across the floor... really she can entertain herself for quiet some time with this toy alone. The brand is Kid O... I highly recommend it! (Thanks Martha!!:))

Oh boy, what else? She says Da da, or rather dadadadadadadaaaaaa (indiscriminately is what I'm getting at ;)). I hear this is common, but either way I wouldn't be surprised. She definitely has a lot of love for her Dad. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside:) We work on waving hi everyday and some days she embraces it, other days she acts like she has no idea what I'm talking about in which case I look like the crazy babbling mother when I'm just trying to get whatever dotting stranger to see how cute our baby is. I guess its all a part of the learning process. 

I'm writing this now while cooking her baby food at the same time (she's napping, not wrapped up in cords... don't lie, you know the thought crossed your mind). Yes, I make her baby food from scratch at home and puree it. I figured why not? I don't have an excuse not to (well, i used to think I didn't have an excuse not to and now I know that I do and its valid, I'm BUSY all the time with her! but i still do it anyway). Whats funny about this making food at home for her is that I find recipes that even Luke and I would love. And then I find recipes that even Luke and I wouldn't make for ourselves! Like: Fillet of Fish in an Orange Sauce;  Fillet of Flounder with Carrot, Cheese and Tomato; Chicken Liver with Vegetables and Apple; and Sweet Potato and Lamb Casserole. I mean, really??? And yes, these recipes can all be found in the book "Top 100 Baby Purees".  But again, I've found lots of valuable ones and its been great for Luke and I too. We just leave the puree step out at the end when it comes to the recipes I follow for us. At least for now. Give us about 40 years and I'll readmit the step :)

Moving on.... this weekend bodes to be a big weekend for the Sehy family and the Broeren family too! Both add a beautiful addition to their families on Saturday, October 8th as Zach and Ally make it official!! We'll be headed up to Champaign this evening to begin the festivities surrounding their wedding. I have to thank Ally a million times over for many reasons but one of them is having an excuse to finally get a massage!! (and a sitter! ha, i kid i kid :)) We're so excited for them and really looking forwarded to celebrating such an amazing occasion. All that being said, you'll understand why I have to sign off now. It takes A LOT longer to pack for a trip now that we have a little one. Tune back in soon because I'm sure I'll have an experience to write about after our first family flight to San Diego for a November wedding. Lots of love in the air!! Hope life is treating you all as well as it is us :) Much love!

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